Corvino Red Collection

Our love for wine is not separated from, but coexists with, our love for art, in all its forms.
Thus was born the idea of uniting our passions and of creating products which, starting from its earthly "roots", were also able to satisfy other, more ethereal, "palates". The combination was successful and our "Art and Wine" collections have registered growing interest over the years.
For the new edition, we went in search of an artist who would combine shapes and flavors with his works. Valeria Corvino who, with her unique and unmistakable art, blends the rigid hardness of sculpture into the soft plasticity of her painting.
The project will have the title: "Rosso Corvino" in honor of the color so loved by our artist.
The entire creative and typographic look, labels, packaging and brochures, will be dedicated to Corvino's paintings. His works, immense canvases representing statues with small or large realist or hyper-realistic details, project us into a world, his, populated by great mythological heroes and beauty in all its forms. Harmony is the great theme of all his work, when you look at one of his works you are captured by the true essence.
For us, too, harmony is the theme; a cup of wine must "capture" us exactly like Corvino's works and it is for this reason that we have chosen fine wines with her images to "ignite" our sixth sense, wonder!